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Abe’s Back Yard is your destination for all things gardening. Browse Northwest-perfect plants, soils & amendments, STIHL® power equipment & more. Have a question? Our knowledgeable staff is at your service.


Overcast? More like overjoyed! Gardening is a year-round affair in the Pacific Northwest. We’ll feature monthly garden to-do’s, plant info & more. Growing stuff is fun. Sniff-testing fertilizers…not so much.

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “What’s the difference?” when staring at a wall of (insert garden category), then this guide is for you. We made it our mission to demystify packaged products, give solid planting advice and, yes, sniff-test the fertilizer. The more you know, the more you grow.

We did the dirty work and put it in the guide. Happy gardening!

garden by month

It’s an all-weather kind of game, gardener.

plant of the month

Don't tell geraniums we have a new favorite.

Let's get growing, home gardeners!

how tos

It's easier than you think: overseeding, pruning roses, starting your own seeds.

6 plants that work

The more you know, the more you grow—and that's why five plants wasn't enough.

get to know

We're breaking bags and popping bottles to demystify the Lawn & Garden aisles.

up close

Is it a pest, a problem or an opportunity? An up-close article will tell you more.