Taste of Parkrose EggFest 2017 Cooking Competition Rules

Registration Deadline
Registration deadline for all competitions is Wednesday, June 21st, 2017. Registration should be completed by submitting the online 2017 Home Chef Sign Up Form. Historic Parkrose holds the right to refuse any competitor who did not register on time.

The following equipment will be available for each participant in the live Big Green Egg grilling competition:

-- One Big Green Egg grill
-- Plate Setter
-- Charcoal
-- Small work table

The participants must bring all needed small equipment and kitchen utensils (such as cutting boards, knives, pots, pans, bowls, plates), as well as any other materials needed to cook and serve.

Participants must provide small paper cups or plates to serve tastes on.

Vehicles will not be allowed into cooking area.

Competition Rules

-- Competitors must submit the name of the dish they are cooking to the organizers by Friday, June 23rd to info@historicparkrose.com. Changing of the dish after submitting the recipe to the judges is not allowed.

-- Contestants must abide by health and safety regulations.

-- Food must be finished on the provided Big Green Egg. You may prepare rubs, sauces, etc. ahead of time.
Long Cooks: EggChef’s who want to cook briskets, pork shoulders or other long cooks that can’t be accomplished between the lighting of the Eggs and 10am, may choose to start their cooks at home, as long as they adhere to the following guidelines: Cooking items must be finished on a Big Green Egg at the Taste of Parkrose EggFest. EggChefs must follow FoodSafe guidelines and ensure that the protein temperature has not been between 41-135 degrees for more than four hours. The internal temperature must reach between 145 degrees whole or 155 degrees when injected.

-- Competitors must clean up their station after the competition is complete.

-- No supplementary equipment will be available, all competitors have to prepare their own cooking utensils and ingredients for the competition.

-- Competitors may use two assistants to help distribute the samples of the dish in the competition.

-- The Organizer will not be responsible for any loss or breakage of utensils or equipment used.

-- Only home cooks, no professional chefs, may enter the competition.

Preparation & Sampling
Reference EggFest 2017: Home Chef Info for more detailed information and guidelines on what to serve, what to bring, and more.

-- Participants can arrive between 7:45am and 8:15am. Please be ready by 9am.
-- EggChefs should be prepared to provide a minimum of 150 - 200 bite sized samples (3 oz. or less) of each menu item to our tasters. If you are only cooking one dish, you will want 600+ bite sized samples. Remember, you are providing bite sized samples - you are not expected to provide a meal. More is fine and you are encouraged to show off your skills!
-- Tasting starts at 10am.

Each home chef will have a sign with their name and competition dish at the front of their station. Attendees of the Taste of Parkrose EggFest who purchase a $10 all-day pass will receive two (2) gold star stickers when they arrive. Attendees who make a $5 minimum purchase of $0.50 taste tickets will receive one (1) gold star sticker. Guests will taste the samples, and place their gold star on the sign of their favorite chef. The top three signs with the most stickers at 4:00pm will win.

Will announce winners at 4:15pm.