Heat Gun, 110v

Heat Gun, Electric

Krylon Striper, Upside Down Paint Can

Easy operation and durable. Stripes widths of 2" to 4". 18-gauge all-steel construction. 12-can storage. ...

Paint Sprayer, 40" Airless Extension Pole

40" Airless Ext. Pole for airless paint sprayer

Paint Sprayer, Graco 230 Airless

$50.00 Cleaning Deposit Required. Deposit may be refunded if equipment returned clean and functional.

Texture Sprayer, Graco RTX900 (Self Contained)

CLEANING CHARGE MAY APPLY- Graco Texture Sprayer. The RTX 900 is the ideal choice for the small contractor/homeowner ...

Wallpaper Steamer

Wallpaper Steamer. Steamer operates on 110V, 15 amp household current. Draws 1,500 watts. Comes with narrow and medium ...

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