LIFTING EQUIPMENT- House & Bottle Jacks, Shoring Posts, Scissor & Boom Lifts


Jack, Transmission- 2000# Max Capacity

Transmission Jack 30" Max Height

Jack, Wall (per pair) 1,000# each

This economical and portable wall jack is constructed of heavy duty, Malleable iron castings. Use for raising walls, ...

Lift, Aerial Platform Genie GR-15 Runabout

Weight: 2,200 lbs. Use 6'x12' tilt trailer @ $20.00 per day. Self propelled vertical mast lift, see specs page.

Porta Power, 4 Ton Set

Jet BRK-4A Porta Power (19 Pieces)

Scaffold, Diagonal Cross Brace

Scaffold--Diagonal Brace Requires 2 each per 5' set

Scaffold, Side Rail Toeboard

Scaffold--Side Toeboard

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