FLOOR CARE- Cleaning, Painting


Carpet, Airpath Carpet Dryer

Airpath Carpet Dryer- Studebaker AirPath™ NEW - Dry all floors in minutes. Now you can dry carpets and hard surface ...

Carpet, Cleaner Upholstery Kit

To be used with Carpet Extractor #08-077

Carpet, Fan, Quick Dryer

Carpet Quick Dryer. The Sahara Pro X3 remains efficent when run at all three speeds, drawing just 3, 3.5 or 4 amps in ...

Carpet, Seam Roller

Carpet Seam Roller, manual

Carpet, Stair Tool

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Carpet Stair Tool Wide Chisel Type

Dehumidifier, Drizair

Removes up to 15 gallons per day Super convenient size Hot-gas bypass for fast defrost Rugged rotomolded housing – ...

Floor, 17" Concrete Machine- 2 Speed 175 rpm/ 300 rpm

This unit is 2 speeds for the Coating Removal attachment #08-062 and the Concrete Preparation attachment #08-063. ...

Floor, 17" Driver Head Tungsten Carbide Disc

16" Carbide Abrasive Disc. The new tungsten carbide disc is ready for anything. It's tough enough to tackle ...

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