LAWN & GARDEN: Sod Cutters, Stump Grinders, Mowers, Aerators, Thatchers, Tillers, Lawn Rollers & More


Sod Cutter, 18"

Remember to always water your lawn/ sod at least 1-2 days prior to sod cutting. Cut at 1 1/2" depth for best results.

Spreader, Broadcast

14-GALLON (DRY) PUSH BROADCAST SPREADER. •Hopper capacity: approx. 14 gallon (dry)/125 lb. •25,000 sq. ft. coverage; ...

Spreader, Compost & Peat Moss

Compost & Peat Moss Spreader. Works great for distributing peat moss or compost evenly over newly placed grass seed. ...

Spreader, Drop

Drop Spreader

Stump Grinder, 30 hp Self Contained Track Type


Stump Grinder- 13 hp Walk Behind

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Bluebird SG-1314B stump grinder features a new cutting system that provides more efficient and precise cutting results ...

Tee Post Driver

Metal Tee Post Driver. Hand held tool to drive metal tee posts into the ground for fence building.

Thatcher, 18" Cutting Width

Versatile and compact 18" turf dethatcher. Folding handle for easy and convenient transportation. 28 ...

Thatcher, 22" Cutting Width

Working width: 22 inch Standard blade type: Flail blade Engine manufacturer: Honda Power: 5.5 HP

Tiller, Mid Tine 4.0hp

The Minnie Tiller is the smallest Mid-Tine® by MacKissic, but do not let the size fool you. The Minnie is a tough little ...

Tiller, Mid Tine 5.5hp

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The Suburban Tiller is the choice of serious gardeners. The Mid-Tine® Suburban offers superior handling and better weight ...

Tiller, Mini Cultivator (Stihl MM-55)

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Mini-Cultivator (Stihl MM-55) Lightweight yet powerful mini-tiller for cultivating small gardens, flowerbeds, etc. ...

Tiller, Rear Tine 13hp Hydraulic Controls and Drive

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The 13 HP Barreto Rear-Tine Tiller features a Honda engine and all-hydraulic drive tines and wheel drive system. Tilling ...

Tiller, Rear Tine 5.5 hp, 18"

This is our smallest rear-tine tiller in our line-up. This machine come standard with a 5.5 hp Honda engine. As an 18” ...

Tiller, Rear Tine 9 hp Hydraulic

The 9 HP Barreto Rear-Tine Tiller features a Honda engine and all-hydraulic drive tines and wheel drive system. ...

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