LAWN & GARDEN: Sod Cutters, Stump Grinders, Mowers, Aerators, Thatchers, Tillers, Lawn Rollers & More

Aerator, 17 1/2" Walk Behind Aerator, 19" Walk Behind
Animal Trap, Small 25"x7"x7" Backpack Blower (Stihl BR600)
Backpack Sprayer, Stihl & Solo Brands Blower, Backpack (Stihl BR430)
Blower, Hand Held (Stihl BG56C) Brush Cutter, Blade Style (Stihl)
Brushcutter, 26" Rubber Tire Mower Brushcutter, Flail Mower, Rubber Track Type Electric Start
Chain Saw, 12" Pole Pruner Saw, Stihl (11' 6" Extended) Chain Saw, 16"
Chain Saw, 20" Chain Saw, 32"
Chain Saw, Sharpening Charge (All Rentals) Chipper, 4"/ Mulcher, 1 1/2" - 2,000 GVWR (In all rental locations)
Chipper, Brush Towable 6" Edger, Lawn (Gas Powered)
Fence Puller, Chain Link Ground Protection Mats
Ladder, 12' Orchard Ladder, 32' Extension
Landscape Rake, 36" Lawn Mower, Push Type, Rear Bag
Lawn Mower, Self Propelled, Rear Bagger Lawn Roller, Poly Tank
Level Kit, Builders (includes tripod & grade stick) Loader, 42" Bucket Tooth Bar for Mini Size
Loader, Auger Drill 12" Bit Loader, Auger Drill 18" Bit
Loader, Auger Drill 24" Bit Loader, Auger Drill 30" Bit
Loader, Auger Drill Head for Full Size Loader, Brushcutter for Mini Size
Loader, Grapple Bucket for Full Size Loader, Hammer/ Breaker Attachment for Mini Size
Loader, Landscape Rake/ Rockhound for Full Size Loader, Rock Bucket for Full Size
Loader, Rototiller Attachment for Mini Size Loader, Rubber Track Skid Steer Full Size (Bobcat T-450)
Log Splitter, 28 Ton Vertical & Horizontal Combo w/ Log Catcher NEW TO FLEET- Loader, Mini Narrow Track 36" (Vermeer S450TX)
NEW TO FLEET- Post Driver, Gas Powered 1"-3" Overseeder, Turf
Pick, Mattox Post Hole Digger, 1 Person 17" Extension
Post Hole Digger, 1 Person Gas Powered Auger Post Hole Digger, 2 Person Gas Powered Auger
Post Hole Digger, Hand Style 6" Clam Shovel, 4" Trenching (Use with Trenchers)
Sod Cutter, 12" Sod Cutter, 18"
Spreader, Broadcast Spreader, Compost & Peat Moss
Spreader, Drop Stump Grinder, 30 hp Self Contained Track Type (all locations)
Stump Grinder, 6 hp Dosko, Walk Behind Stump Grinder- 13 hp Walk Behind
Tee Post Driver Thatcher, 22" Cutting Width
Tiller, Mid Tine 2.0 hp to 4.0 hp Tiller, Mid Tine 4.8 hp to 6.0 hp
Tiller, Mini Cultivator (Stihl MM-55) Tiller, Rear Tine 13hp Hydraulic Controls and Drive
Tiller, Rear Tine 9 hp Hydraulic Trailer, Trencher, 4' x 5'- 1000# GVWR/ 500# Max Cap.
Trencher, 18" Hydraulic Tire Drive Trimmer, Extended Hedge, 20" x 59" Stihl
Trimmer, Gas String (Stihl) Trimmer, Hedge 18" Gas
Trimmer, Hedge 24" Gas Stihl Trimmer, String Walk Behind (D.R. Trimmer)
Vacuum, Leaf HPV 29" Weed Burner, Propane Style (propane tank rental additional cost)

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