Our Rental Categories

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AIR COMPRESSORS: Gas Powered & Electric Compressors, Air Hoses (15)AUTOMOTIVE: Car Polishers, Engine Hoists, Electric Impacts (4)
COMPACTION: Plate Compactors, Rammers, Hand Tampers (4)CONCRETE: Vibrators, Grinders, Scarifiers, Saws & Blades, Hand Tools, (50)
DETECTORS: Metal, Property Stake, Hand Held Scanner, Wire Locator (6)DRILLS: Magnetic Base, Standard Drills & Drywall Screw Guns (17)
EARTH MOVING: Mini Excavators, Loaders & Trenchers (40)ELECTRIC TOOLS: Biscuit Joiner, Sheet Metal Nibbler, Laser Level, Insulation Blower & More (58)
FASTENING TOOLS- Nailers, Staplers (24)FLOOR CARE- Cleaning, Painting (43)
FLOOR CARE- Sanding, Saws (41)GENERATORS & WELDERS: Plasma Cutter, Mig Welder, Portable Generators (11)
HAND TOOLS: Conduit & Pipe Benders, Glass Vacuum Cups, Crimpers, T Post Drivers & More (50)HEATING & VENTILATION: Dehumidifiers, Air Movers, Ozone Generators, Electric & Kerosene Heaters & More (15)
LADDERS & SCAFFOLD: Step & Extension Ladders, Narrow & Wide Scaffolding (34)LAWN & GARDEN: Sod Cutters, Stump Grinders, Mowers, Aerators, Thatchers, Tillers, Lawn Rollers & More (74)
LIFTING EQUIPMENT- House & Bottle Jacks, Shoring Posts, Scissor & Boom Lifts (30)MATERIAL HANDLING: Trailers, Dollies, Carts, Sheetrock Jacks, Machinery Skates & More (40)
MISCELLANEOUS: Chimney Brushes, Animal Traps, Fence Puller, Ground Protection Mats & More (24)PAINTING: Paint Sprayers, Sheetrock Texture Sprayers, Siding Sander, Wallpaper Steamer, Heat Gun, (8)
PARTY/ EVENT: BBQ's, Bounce Houses, Tables & Chairs, Canopy Tents, Coffee Makers, Cotton Candy Machines, Slushee Machines, Popcorn Machines & More (42)PLUMBING: Aqua Pex Expander (12vdc or standard), Pex Crimp Tool, Pipe Threaders Manual Or Electric Powered, Pipe Cutters, Drain Snakes & More (37)
PRESSURE WASHERS: 2500 psi to 4000 psi, Hydro Scrubbers, 4000 psi Trailered Hot Washer & More (11)PUMPS, DEWATERING: 3/4", 2" & 3" Pumps & Hoses (8)
ROTORY & DEMOLITION HAMMERS: 40 lb & 60 lb Hammers, SDS Plus & SDS Max Roto Hammers (7)SANDERS: 13" & 17" Floor Polishers/ Sanders, Hardwood Floor, 12" x 18" Oscillating, Toekick Sander, Belt Sander & More (13)
SAWS: Brick Saws, Chain Saws, Tile Saws, Walk Behind Concrete Saws, Miter Saws, Chop Saws & More (37)TRAILERS: Box, Dump, Enclosed, Equipment, Car Dollies, Deck Overs & More (18)