Moss Control

Boy, we can do one thing right in the Northwest – We can grow moss! Sometimes it grows where we want it, and sometimes it grows where it shouldn’t! If you’re struggling with pesky moss where it doesn’t belong, we’ve got some ideas that just might help.

Moss isn’t actually that hard to manage if you do it right. Here are some quick tips and some great products that make moss go away!

Moss-Out! – This product comes in a few different varieties…Each is excellent for controlling moss. Moss Out for Lawns is a great product for getting moss out of your yard. It comes in either a liquid spray or as spreadable granules and goes to work quickly. You will notice results in the first few days, with most moss dead within 7 to 10 days. As the moss dies, gently rake out the dead moss and lightly seed your lawn to fill in any bare spots. Moss Out also has a roof and walkway formula that is non-staining and fast-acting.

Bleach – In areas that are free of plants, grasses and shrubs you can use a little water and bleach to quickly kill moss. Usually a mixture of 4 parts water to 1 part bleach does the trick. Just make sure that the mixture doesn’t flow into flowerbeds or storm drains. If applied properly, the bleach will kill the moss, then evaporate leaving your moss wilted, brown and lifeless.

Wet & Forget – Touted as the work-free solution to moss and algae, Wet & Forget is very simple to use. Mix properly, and spray onto a dry, mossy surface until saturated. Then, forget it…Nature does the rest. Over time, rain, wind, and other elements wash away the dead moss, and it doesn’t grow back. You won’t see moss whither and die as quickly with this product as you will with others, but it is longer lasting, and needs no follow-up work.

Worry-Free Moss & Algae Control – This product is a citrus-based product without harsh chemicals that works diligently on moss control. Much like other products, once applied moss is killed and is slow to return, but this adds the benefit of being more environmentally friendly and safer for pets and children. An excellent product that is quite effective.

Elbow Grease – Of course one can not forget good old-fashioned elbow grease. If you don’t like chemicals, or just feel like getting in some good cardio exercise, you can always use a little muscle to get out moss. Raking, thatching, brushing, scrubbing, and pressure-washing are all great ways to remove moss. Add just a dash of soapy water, and it can even make the job a bit easier. Scrub away and make sure to get the roots and you’ll get rid of moss in no time!