EggFest 2017: Home Chef Info

Thank you for your interest in taking part in the Taste of Parkrose EggFest by being a home chef! EggFests are a lot of fun and home chefs, or EggChefs, as we like to call you, are the ones who make it really special. Your culinary creations inspire curiosity and joy for our tasters! Your welcoming personality and willingness to divulge your Egg 'secrets' (to a point, of course) all bring a sense of fun and adventure to the event. And the fact that you are our neighbors who just want to share your delicious creations to the broader community, makes it even better!

Below are some guidelines and directions to help answer questions you may have. If your question(s) are not answered here, please contact Dan West.

Complete Cooking Competition rules available here.

Registration Deadline
Registration deadline for all competitions is Wednesday, June 21st, 2017. Registration should be completed by submitting the online 2017 Home Chef Sign Up Form. Historic Parkrose holds the right to refuse any competitor who did not register on time.

Awards & Certificates
1st, 2nd and 3rd placement winners will be awarded prizes.

1st Prize: $500 Shopping Spree at Parkrose Hardware
2nd Prize: Gift certificate booklet worth over $350 from Gilhooligans
3rd Prize: To be determined

What to Serve/Menu Items
As an EggFest Chef, you can prepare anything you would like to serve in bite-sized portions. We suggest having at three different menu items planned, so that you can serve each at different times of the day, but only one of these will be for the competition itself.
HINT: A chalkboard or other messaging device that displays what you will be serving and when is always helpful!

You may prepare proteins, sauces, veggies, etc. ahead of time to help make the day run easier for yourself. Remember that there will be no refrigeration available, so coolers and other temperature control preparations are encouraged.

Long Cooks: EggChef's who want to cook briskets, pork shoulders or other "long cooks" that can't be accomplished between the lighting of the Eggs at 8am - 9am and the event start at 10 am, may choose to start their cooks on their Eggs at home, as long as they adhere to the following guidelines:

1. Cooking items must be finished on a Big Green Egg at the Taste of Parkrose EggFest.
2. EggChefs must follow FoodSafe guidelines and ensure that the protein temperature has not been between 41-135 degrees for more than four hours. The internal temperature must reach between 145 degrees whole or 155 degrees if injected.
EggChefs should be prepared to provide a minimum of 150 - 200 bite sized samples (3 oz. or less) of each menu item to our tasters. If you are only cooking one dish, you will want 600+ bite sized samples. Remember, you are providing bite sized samples - you are not expected to provide a meal. More is fine and you are encouraged to show off your skills! This event runs from 10 am to 4 pm, so please attempt to pace yourself. You are the star of the show so you probably don’t want to run out of gas (food) before the finish line. Aiming for your last batch to be done around 3:15 makes good sense.

Can't decide what to cook? Check out the Big Green Egg website for some recipe ideas and instructions!

What to Bring
If you are using a Demo Egg, it will be on site at the event. Lighting of the Eggs will occur by 9 am. Visit or contact any Parkrose Hardware location for details on Demo Eggs, how to purchase, and related questions.

Cooks are required to bring all ingredients required for your dishes. This includes all your own food, plus what you need to cook and serve, such as:

Cooking Supplies
BBQ Tools
Oven Mitts
Nonstick Cooking Spray
Cutting Boards
Smoking Wood
Serving gloves (plastic/latex/etc.)

Serving Supplies
Paper Plates
Plastic Utensils

Table Cover
Cleaning Supplies
Paper Towels
Food Coolers
Hand wipes

EggChefs will be provided a table. We encourage you to bring your own chairs.

If you use a demo Egg, you will most likely have a large Big Green Egg. You can bring your own Eggcessories. Eggcessories that will not be provided, but are available for purchase through Parkrose Hardware are:

Vertical Roaster
Drip Pan
Grill Extender
Pizza Stone

Have fun and make sure to interact with your guests and tasters! Personality and service are all part of a great tasting experience.

Schedule of EggFest Events
Saturday, June 24, 2017
7:45 am – 9 am: Unload and setup. Please arrive between 7:45 and 8:15 am to allow for plenty of time to be ready at your station before the crowds arrive. We ask that you have everything set up by 9 am as that will be the latest we light the Eggs.
10 am: Open to the Public
4 pm: End of cooking
5 pm - 6 pm: Load up and out. Demo Eggs that were sold will be picked up at this time unless other arrangements made.

Thank you again for your participation! Egg On!