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Grand Re-Opening

Too busy to go to the Hardware Store? We've got your back.

We know you're busy. All those phone calls. The projects that never end. Not to mention, you haven't had a vacation in a over a year. Stop the madness, and let us come to you! Our Commercial Sales Team knows that for your business to succeed, you need a good partner. One that can get you the items you need - below budget and on time. Click here to meet them.

Commercial Sales

Rental Equipment - Really big jobs beware!

So, you're finally ready to tackle that project you've been dreading? It's okay, we can make your life easier. Whether you need to dig, move, scrape, build, or hammer - We've got the perfect machine for the job. Click here to see all the cool tools you can rent to get your job done in a snap!

Rental Equipment

We know you secretly want to be a hero!!!

You're not ready for the big party yet? It's okay...we've got you covered - Literally. We've got inflatable bounce rooms for the kids. Tents, tables, chairs, and linens for the adults. And even a slushy maker for the kid in all of us. Call us today, and we'll help make your party perfect! (...and don't worry, your secret is safe with us.)

Party Rental

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We're Cool!

Parkrose Hardware was recently honored as one of Ace Hardware's Coolest Hardware Stores on the Planet. Check out the video here!


April Hot Buys

News Updates

Simple ingredients for homemade Laundry Soap!

Have you ever thought of making your own laundry soap? Well if you haven't, think about this...

- It is a whole lot cheaper than the store-bought stuff
- Because you made it, you know everything that is in it
- You only have to use 1 to 2 tablespoons per load
- It takes about 10 minutes to make
- It cleans better and leaves your clothes smelling fresh

The new look of Weber

Parkrose Hardware is proud to announce the new look of Weber grills! As one of the largest dealers of Weber grills in the Portland/ Vancouver area, we offer the largest variety of colors and styles. Whether you’re looking for propane, natural gas, or charcoal, Parkrose Hardware has the Weber grill for you.

Moss Control

Boy, we can do one thing right in the Northwest – We can grow moss! Sometimes it grows where we want it, and sometimes it grows where it shouldn’t! If you’re struggling with pesky moss where it doesn’t belong, we’ve got some ideas that just might help.


Parkrose Hardware is about to become the first Ace Hardware store in our area to have an extensive line of the Craftsman tools. We have ordered over 600 new items and they will be in both stores in January.

Parkrose Hardware has teamed up with Benjamin Moore, Miller and Ace to give you the best of quality and selection when it comes to paint.

Parkrose Hardware has teamed up with Benjamin Moore, Miller and Ace to give you the best of quality and selection when it comes to paint.

A Sampling of Our Rental Items